The Sleeping Town – Characters

Many allies and enemies lurk in Redfield. The difference between them might , sadly, be paper-thin as far as Michael Walker is concerned.

Michael Walker

The protagonist of this tale. Michael Walker is a sixteen year old slacker, content to remain Redfield without any great ambition. However, life will not allow him to remain that way. As he wakes up only to find everyone else in Redfield did not, he begins realize if he does not put forth his best effort he will not survive at all. The fate of his family and friends might be stake and he is the only one who can do something about it.

Jonathan Acker

The butler of the Arundel Family in all but name. Although tasked with protecting the chosen family heir, he is the first to help Michael Walker and explain to him the events in which he is caught up in. He sees great potential in him and hopes the young man survives long enough grow into it.

Erika Dahl

As Acker is to the Arundel, Erika is to the Duval. Although young, Erika is already the personal servant of the Matriarch of the Duval Family, and she is very good at her job. Right now her job is to protect the heir of the Duval Family and she will remove all obstacles towards accomplishing that goal, be them enemies or allies.

The Shadow

A fly in the soup. Something has gone wrong in Redfield and this one might just be at the center of it. A powerful person Michael learns to fear quickly. Sadly for him, the Shadow thinks Michael might just be the disposable pawn he has been looking for.